Take A Gaze at Glazer

Mr. Glaser: “Fun fact about my childhood, I never cut my hair until I was 12 because I really liked the story of Samson in the bible.”

Elijah: You lying, you had a military dad, he would never allow that right?” 

Mr. Glaser: Nah he just made sure I kept it looking good. 

Elijah: I don’t believe you 

Mr. Glaser:→


The Drive-Thru King👑

Have you ever met anyone who can order enough food from McDonalds to feed a family while only paying a bit under seven dollars? Well, meet Mr. Glaser!! One of the newest additions to the YMLA dream team. He has only been out of college for about four years, which lets him relate to the kids on a deeper level. This is his first year at YMLA but his third year teaching. He graduated from TCU with a bachelors of science in secondary education, literacy and language arts. After asking some of the kids, who he currently teaches what they think about him, I gathered that he is “funny, a jokester,” and “easy-going” 


Growing up on the Virginia side of Washington D.C, Glaser attended a college preparatory high school.  Glaser watched basketball and heavily admired Allen Iverson. “I had dreams of playing in the NBA, but I didn’t have the height.”  Since he always loved reading and writing, during his senior year, he decided to set his sights on education. “I really have a passion for helping other people discover and realize their full potential and it is an awesome privilege to be able to help the younger generation.” 

Life As A Horned Frog🐸

Once he decided to pursue education, he decided to apply to the school that his older brother attended. He got accepted to TCU and became a Horned Frog. “It is important to always have a plan b, which is why I also applied to Appalachian State University and Oklahoma State University.” Glaser says that he was fortunate enough to receive an Army ROTC scholarship which gave him the ability to attend TCU. When asked what university was like for him, Glaser stated, “My experience at TCU was awesome. There were ups and downs but the relationships and friendships formed with the professors, staff, and other students are lifelong. The two biggest things that he stressed were that time management is key and that you will need to learn how to ask for help in college. Glaser said, “ Time management is key. “It’s okay to miss a party because there will always be another event at another time”, and “Learn how to ask for help because there are people that are there to help you, you just have to utilize the resources. If you try to lone-wolf college, you will have a very difficult time.” 


“Any final words of wisdom for people applying to college?” Glaser’s response to the question was “Applying to college, taking the SAT, and even stepping on campus can be overwhelming. Have confidence in yourself and trust the process and take it one day at a time.” He made sure to emphasize that the hard work doesn’t stop when you get accepted. “Lastly, I know what it is like for people to count you out, just never give up and work hard to do your best and achieve your goals.” Glaser had a very severe speech articulation disorder ( speech impediment) that caused a plethora of problems in both communication and his reading comprehension. Because of this, he did 10 years of speech therapy from age 2-12. To end off the interview, Glaser stated “I was that kid… if you listened to me talk, you would think ‘oh that kid is not going places in life,’ but here I am teaching, loving it, and happy to be at YMLA”


“Never give up and work hard to do your best and achieve your goals.”

— Mr. Glaser