Camden Chambers

You will know her when you see her because she is very fashionable. She loves fall fashion since in fall it’s never too hot or too cold. So when fall does come around she likes to wear things like fleeces, ankle boots, knee length boots, and sweaters. Some things you may not know about Ms. Carey is that she shares a birthday with her mother, she is a cancer, and she is also the eldest of her siblings. When she has some time on her hands she is probably shopping or spending time with family or friends. Her friends and family would describe her as caring, nice, and a nurturer. She is just as caring as a care bear. When asked Ms. Carey about her hobbies she replied “I like to craft, I like to make stuff”. Which is something she actually has in common with her mother saying “The older I get the more I turn into my mom”


Growing Up with Carey

Growing up for Ms. Carey was really good since she came from a big family. She got to do many things on the holidays and went on summer vacations. Ms. Carey’s dream job as a child was to be a doctor. When she got older towards her senior year in high school she  stuck with it, but got more in depth wanting to be an “obstetrician or gynecologist”. Ms. Carey graduated from Trimble Tech High School, overall she had a great experience. She liked the environment and she was also a cheerleader. Her first car was a Mazda 626 handed down from her grandmother. 

CAREY’ing Onto College

Ms. Carey attended college as an undergrad at Stephen F. Austin State University and in grad school she went to University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). Though she was doing pre-nursing, she changed her major to social work in her 3rd year. When Ms. Carey gets asked about her favorite collegememory she says “It would probably be my first college football game”. After college Ms. Carey got a job at “Cook Children’s child Study Center” where she worked with kids on the autism spectrum


Carey’s Career

Obviously Ms. Carey did not see herself being here with us at the Young Men’s Academy at first. So I then asked Ms. Carey “ How did you end up at the Young Men’s Leadership Academy?”. She replied “I started off with a district at an elementary school, then I realized it wasn’t the most appropriate fit for me as well as the students there.” so she then searched for a better fit. Luckily the fit Ms. Carey wanted came to her. There was a panel interview with many principals from different schools looking for someone to take the position of an intervention specialist where she was chosen by our very own Mr. White. Then officially becoming YMLA’s intervention specialist.