Shifting minds. Let’s talk about it.

Dream Team Tribute


Devin Stevenson

Who are you?


My name is Jemirius (JUH – MY – REE-US) Johnson.

Outside of school you might find me on the golf course, but who am I?

I am a 38 year old man and I’m still finding myself and that’s okay! It’s okay to say that –  in 7th, 8th, 11th grade, and at any time in your life!

I am a businessman who lives modestly, investing in people and ideas. Many people project their ideal of flashiness, casting judgment out of childish expectation when looking from the outside. As an entrepreneur, I take pride in my work, life, and care about showing other people the ropes.


IMPACT the world around you.

Impact matters and I pay great attention in looking for ways to help those in need at all times. “Many people will give at thanksgiving and Christmas [ giving season ] and no shade to them, but people need help year round and being able to relate –  in my own sort of rags to riches story I’m constantly looking for ways to help. Many people won’t say that they need help, I want to help the people like me who aren’t signed up with nonprofits won’t say anything. When I walk outside I’m looking at my neighbors and community. I want to intervene and help by cutting  the lawn for that senior down the street. 


“As a kid I didn’t consider myself that much of a leader. I saw people who thought I was a leader, especially when things went wrong. ‘ Yeah he’s the ringleader!’ I would respond ‘well what did I do?’ I was just part of it like the other kids- 

I now realize that leading is not just standing in front of, it’s the IMPACT that you have on the people around you.”

I have been blessed myself, by people in my youth like my mother and a few others scattered in my childhood community; who, through acts of kindness turned my families socioeconcomic curse of poverty and mistreatment to a blessing.

As an adult, I am enamored to help and bless as many people along the way as I can.


As a multi disciplined ex- basketball-track-cross country athlete; high school valedictorian, graduating class president, national honor society member; coach; middle child; current business owner; teacher; husband; Spanish major; and more to come. I recognize I have done a lot. Now I give back to the community: through inspiration and mentorship of young men, the teaching and practice of entrepreneurship, my participation in activism; and continued success. By no means am I perfect but I strive to be my best self always and provide for not only myself, but my family, my kids – kids – kids.

What about YMLA?

I can recall as a coach working in little league. 

“They would do these lottery pick type drafts and they would call me after and give me all they kids that were left over.

I took those kids and would make it my mission to Coach them to success. Those same kids would make it to the third round in the playoffs and people would be like ‘how’?

After people constantly telling me ; that’s how I found out I was good with kids.”


I think of life as an investment.

Your clothing brand which brings in ten thousand a year may seem minuscule to others; but when you have compiled small things and transformed them into investments, your ten businesses that bring in a small wage and require less work, is just as good or maybe even better than a job in the office that pays a full salary. Moral of the story: If you have a potential investment, there is profit , and it aligns with your morals, pursue it! 


That being said, my presence at YMLA is an investment, not so much in me but with great regard, our scholars. 

I understand that not everyone is going to be that young man who walks up and automatically shakes my hand, sharing their aspirations and dream school. My goal here is to shift as many mindset’s as possible! At YMLA I’m here to do me, being that hybrid or connection. Our guys come from all walks of life and all over Fort Worth. I’m not here to stereotypically target and be there for the poor kid, but also the scholar whose parents might have some money but are never home to speak to him; who has to cook, clean, and essentially sustain himself – I want to be there for him. I’m there for guys who need me.