Desire to Create


Chris Edwards, Team member

My name is Chris Edwards, a senior artist at the YMLA. I started drawing in the first grade. My passion for drawing stemmed from my desire to create. Originally my drawings were just a way to express my fandom of other properties in media and pop culture, such as characters from tv shows and movies. I started tracing drawings from a computer or tablet, and then a time came when I just started watching drawing tutorials on YouTube. Over time I would learn different techniques and develop my own skills and habits as an artist. 

Heading into middle school, I decided to draw up my own characters from my imagination rather than things from media. I was confident in my ability to come up with cool looking designs that I would be able to draw properly. Unfortunately, the only type of model I knew how to draw at the time was chibi, so for a while none of the characters I drew had necks. Through years of practice and determination I was finally able to draw full-looking characters, but only in one pose. In an attempt to better my skills I started drawing comics constantly so I could get more comfortable with expressions. The path that I’m on with my art today is trying to express different poses and incorporating different concepts to my art. For example, in one piece I drew I decided to provoke more of a sci-fi vibe so I used light colors that’ll pop and an element I could use from space for inspiration. The best thing I ever drew was a kid sitting on a rock in deep space looking at limitless possibilities occur throughout existence. 

I plan to take my drawings to the next level by utilizing digital animation. I’m going to use the skills I’ll learn to help build up a production company I’m a part of called TKE (Three Kings Entertainment) . I’ll use all the techniques I’ve learned, and skills I’ve acquired to bring forth new animated sensations that’ll shake the entertainment world.