Favela’s Favorite Flock


Mrs. Favela and her favorite people!

Jared Saucedo

Esmeralda Favela-Escamilla is a new member of the YMLA Community! Alongside her, I’m new to the Journalism department! I hope you enjoy reading the story of Ms. Favela from a new writer. To start things off, she is our new Data-Attendance Clerk; even though she’s new at YMLA, she’s been at FWISD for eight years.

Ms. Favela’s first time being a Data-Attendance Clerk was at an elementary school. Professionally for the past seven years, she’s worked with kids, but Ms. Favela is a full-time mom as well. While balancing her occupation and mom life, Ms. Favela loves spending her free time with her kids. Each one has a unique interest she enjoys being a part of. Her son is a baseball player, and her daughter takes swimming lessons. 

“My kids have inspired me to do what I am doing right now.”

— Ms. Favela


Moving on UP!

As Ms. Favela said to herself, “My kids have inspired me to do what I am doing right now.” Wanting to move up higher in the FWISD district. Ms. Favela intends to pursue higher education and learn as much as possible to become a teacher later. 


She has made great strides by earning college hours at Tarrant County College. The advice she took herself and wants to share

 with other college students is simple. Try your best, continue studying, and continue with your education. Ms. Favela still follows her words and is continuing to move forward to achieving her goal as a teacher. 




Back to her Roots

Once ready to become a teacher, she wants to return to the elementary level. Ms. Favela’s reasoning was, “I’ve been a teacher’s assistant before, so I know what it’s like to be behind a classroom.” Knowing what that’s been like, she is ready to teach whatever subject, just as long as it’s something with educating elementary students.