Keeping it Cool: Jonathan Saramento

Jonathan Saramento is a senior here at YMLA and has been attending this school ever since 6th grade. He is hardworking, encouraging, and loves helping and providing for people, his mom, and his family. 


Jonathan’s main mission is to be successful in life with a good career and keep supporting his family whenever they need him. Even though he worries about moving on in life and having more responsibilities, he is confident that it will all work out at the end. He plans on starting a career in air conditioning because he used to do it with his uncles over the summer and found a liking to it. He described his experience at YMLA to be fun and exciting and loves to be around his brothers and helping them out whenever they need him.

Jonathan is proud that he got this far and is going to continue working hard to accomplish his goals. “I will be successful,” has always been the phrase that stuck out to him from the creed and success is what he strives for.