The Stride of My Life

Kaine Bivens

I know Ms. Strider as funny, sympathetic, and charismatic. I got to know and become friends with her last year and into this school year, and she’s become one of my favorite dream team members. I wanted to introduce her to those at this school who may not know her as well as I do.

Ms. Strider is the 6-12th grade Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) teacher here at YMLA.

The Stride to Success

Ms. Strider grew up in Fort Worth, specifically on Meadowbrook. She played soccer when she was younger and really enjoyed the game.

She attended Crowley High School, and went on to attend Prarie View A&M University,

receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a Specialization in Juvenile Justice and a Minor in Social Work. She then went to the University of Phoenix and earned a Master’s degree in Educational Administration. She described her favorite hobbies as sleeping and crafting. As a kid, she wanted to become a social worker and help those who struggle.

Striding to YMLA

Ms. Strider said that she has enjoyed her time here at YMLA. She describes it as exciting and says there’s something new every day. She says YMLA is just as she expected. She expected the competitiveness and community of the campus. As the AVID teacher, she hopes and envisions more participation in AVID, more college field trips, and tutors, and being a campus-wide AVID school is the eventual goal. When she was in school

Ms. Strider was in AVID  herself, and she says that it helped her grow as a student and has helped develop how she handles organizing her tasks and taking notes. AVID to her means helping scholars see their college potential and building their desire to attend college and organization skills. She says that AVID helps students by teaching them how to critically think, organize themselves and manage their time, build study habits, and make engaging questions. She recommends everyone take AVID and use the strategies. 

YMLA has impacted her in several ways. It has taught her how to think outside the box, be intentional with her planning, and be prepared for anything.

Can I Get an S-T-R-I-D-E-R

You may not know, but Ms. Strider is the only YWLA cheerleading coach. She says that experience is fun; that the girls are respectable, passionate, and determined, and she admires that. She says that the experience of coaching has helped enhance her leadership abilities. It has helped push her to be more organized with creating practice schedules, ordering supplies on time, etc. It has also helped her to be overall “on top of [her] game.” I got to ask her about letting the  YWLA cheerleaders cheer at the YMLA basketball games, and she was very excited to say she would love that! She does have a bigger passion for coaching, as her soon-eventual goal is to become an athletic coordinator. She compared the scholars she works with at both schools, saying both are energetic, competitive, determined, and “very independent,” noting the amazement of scholars running class meetings and Conventus Fratrum here.

Strider’s Striking Impact

I ended my interview with Ms. Strider by seeing where she saw herself in the future and the impact she wants to leave. She says that in 20 years she hopes to be retired. She hopes to leave an impact by being a teacher who is known for caring about her students, being funny, always being there for her students and available to listen to them and helping her students pursue their dreams and college. 

Her lasting words of advice to scholars here are to “be the very best that you can be, don’t be easily influenced, stand your ground, never let anyone influence you into messing up your life and future goals,” summarizing by saying “Do your best and give God the rest.”