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Dontavious Sims (left) Interviewer Tristan Smith (right)

Miguel Giovannitti, Editor

Dontavious Sims, a former scholar of the YMLA who graduated in 2019 and now attends Texas Christian University with a full-ride scholarship, had returned to campus to be interviewed on YMLA grounds.

¨What did you learn from YMLA?¨ asked Tristen Smith, interviewing the alumni, and Sims replied, ¨I learned that no matter what, every decision you make is up to you. So, If you want something, you have to go get it done on your own because nobody is really going to help you or just give you a handout.¨ He then explains how in college everything is done independently and there’s nobody that would spoon-feed you throughout your college experience.

Even though Sims graduated 3 years ago, he still remembers the mission and creed word by word. Sims stated that he has his own morals he goes by now; however, they still relate to the mission and creed he has been saying throughout his high school years.

¨What is your favorite high school memory?¨ Tristen Smith asked, ¨Probably be football when we made it to the playoffs¨ said Sims. Sims believed that football was when students really became brothers and gave students a stronger connection with each other.


When he was still a scholar at YMLA and heard that football was banned, he felt devastated but still finished his high school years. ¨YMLA taught me to be a self-disciple and how to be respectful. I feel like I still use self-discipline and respect ’till this day¨ said Sims.


Finally, Sims had a message to all upcoming scholars attending YMLA, he pulled out his notes and read, ¨A man who lacks purpose distracts himself with pleasure.


With that being said, if you don’t know what you want to do in life, or you have no purpose, you’re basically going to waste all your time you could use to achieve something great by just B.S-ing.¨


So if you want to accomplish something in life, set yourself goals and accomplish them and go for it.


Sims’ experience at YMLA taught him how to be the successful man he is today, he now continues college to achieve his goals and is a role model for his younger brothers here at the academy.