College Perks with Kirk

Kyu Williams, Reporter

Valedictorian speech

Our school is currently being remodeled and I know that our six-grade scholars are pumped. However, I wonder how an alumnus would feel about this change considering this is where they were sculpted as young men. So I asked Kirk Preston also well-known as “K.P” how he felt about the situation.

He felt that it was nice for the school to have a change but at the same time there is a piece of him that’s gonna miss the field he used to play football on, the auditorium he led covetous in, the classrooms where he met his now best of friends, brothers, and more. He recalls the fun times

Kirk with his brother Brian C.of him and his brothers who he still stays in contact with today.

Known for his excelling personality I wasn’t surprised to see how well he was doing in college. However, one thing that caught my eyes was his hoodie which had the Mercedes Benz logo. Kirk informed me about what the jacket meant to him and why he wears it. Rose-Hulman Institue of Technology is the college Kirk currently attends, where his college mechanic class is also partnered with Mercedes which also sponsors a professional formula 1 driver. I know pretty cool right! The driver’s name is Lewis Hamilton.



Lewis Hamilton is a British race car driver who currently competes in Formula One for Mercedes. Kirk expressed that he thought it was cool to be a part of Mercedes while also having one of their top sponsors being a black male. He elaborated that he felt connected in a way to Hamilton and that he was proud to be a part of his work. So when he puts that jacket on it feels as if he connected with another piece of himself culturally and respectively. 


Other than culturally, academically, Kirk is doing well at his campus while trying to live life to the fullest. I know for a fact that this well-respected, noble, and wise young man is doing the best at Rose-Hulman; while showing everyone what a young man with leadership can do.