What Was, What Is, and What Could Be – Keeping Up With Our Alumni!

Omar Sigala

The Gentlemen’s Bugle decided to conduct an interview with one of our Alumni here from YMLA. Continue reading to take a deeper dive into how our graduates are doing now that they’re out in the real word.


     Thursday, January 13th, 2022 I conducted an interview over a FaceTime video call with one of our alumni. I didn’t know any names, connections, or achievements of this person. I went into it blind. It was truly an eye-opening experience for me. This interview was more of a conversation rather than an interview. 

     Isaac Tate Ⅳ was a part of the first graduating class here at YMLA (class of 2018). Some of you may say that this name sounds familiar because it is! He is the son of Coach Tate, a middle school social studies teacher. They have the exact same name! 

     Isaac shares a unique bond with this school, a bond that none of us will ever experience. Isaac was here when the school first opened in the year 2012. He has seen YMLA being built from the ground up. That being said, YMLA became another home to Isaac Tate. Students apart from his class who were here with him share that same, no longer attainable bond with this school.

     Since they were here from the beginning, they were seniors to some of their teachers. Tate and his peers were proud of that. They were and will always be the real O.Gs. These students saw several teachers come and go since they were there. But Tate believes that the values and goals of the YMLA have always stayed the same.

     The class of 2018 set the foundation for all classes that follow in their footsteps. They have implemented a culture like no other at our rather unique school. It is the newest, and only all-male academy in the district. 

     Tate, during his years here, had noticed that the Dream Team actually cares about the students. They do anything in their power to ensure future promise and success. They were determined to transform promising young boys into successful young men. Preparing them for the real world and giving them all kinds of opportunities.

     Opportunities were offered to Tate and he achieved a lot during his time here. From playing basketball to being a part of The Tones, a music group that we’ve had here before. He’s made the news several times and even got to sing before of hundreds of people.

     He was also one of the first members of MBK (My Brothers Keeper) and brought it to our school in 2014 when he was elected president and held that title until he graduated from YMLA. He was the first-ever tour guide, who was responsible for showing those the culture, which his class played a major role in starting, of our school.

     Tate has his issues with the school with how the school did not have certain things, like football, which made the school lose a demographic, but overall proud of what we are today despite the loss of a major sport. He would still recommend going to YMLA to his younger family members, he says.

     Tate is now a student at TCU majoring in history and wants to become a history teacher and coach, following in the footsteps of his father.

     Tate is still making a difference wherever he goes! He joined a fraternity while attending TCU. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, founded in 1906 is the “oldest African American intercollegiate fraternity in the WORLD.” He is heavily involved in his career and seems to be having a blast with his peers.

     YMLA helped shaped this scholar into a talented young man who is active in his community and a pleasure talking with him over the phone to conduct this interview. 

     On top of it all, he’s also an artist. A music artist. Check out him and his group, Revib3d on all streaming platforms! They make Neo Soul and Blues music.

Our scholars should see Tate more often, as he is coming home fairly soon.